Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance i.e. the use of CCTV cameras to get situation awareness of any area and act upon that awareness has been recognized as an important part of making our cities, organizations and even homes safer to live in.

This technology has seen enormous innovation with camera technologies moving almost entirely to a) IP based, b) Video Management systems in the cloud, c) Storage and compute becoming distributed and d) Analytics being performed with algorithms using AI/ML etc to generate deep insights and actionable alerts from the footage.

M2M has partnered with leading companies in the Video Surveillance space and offers these solutions to both Govt/PSU as well as the enterprise market. We design a robust, scalable and resilient solution for our customers. The engagement models typically range from pure Systems Integration to a more sophisticated “Video Surveillance as a Service” model where all the backend chores of a Video Surveillance solution are taken care of by us.

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