Rural Broadband

We have developed our own patented solution for a highly scalable and reliable last mile access solution in Rural Areas. The solution comprises of a system of Solar Powered Mesh Wi-Fi Access Points that create a local distribution network in a Village or Area of Interest.

The system is designed in such a way that highly trained technical manpower is not required to deploy the network. Semi-Skilled technicians with rudimentary skills in mounting electrical equipment can be trained to deploy these hotspots. All the components are pre-configured and cloud-controlled requiring no configuration in the field. There is no limitation on what make or model of Wi-Fi Access Points can be used so long as the firmware is built to our specifications and requirements. Our solar power units are highly efficient which directly provide DC PoE power to the access points. These are powered by Li-FePO4 batteries that have a very long life and are thermally very efficient when compared to Li-Ion or SMF batteries

The backhaul for these networks can range from Fiber Optic (e.g. from BharatNet), Fixed Wireless (from the nearest Cellular BTS), VSAT, Copper or even Cellular (using a Dual-SIM Cellular router).

We provide not only the Cloud Management platform but also the Reseller/Subscriber management platform with Captive Portal, AAA and Billing all built-in that is aimed at the small service providers who may not have the skills or resources to put together a complex back-end infrastructure.