Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

We have developed a platform for deployment, operations and management of  cloud managed Public Wi-Fi hotspots for ISPs in Urban areas. 

These hotspots can comprise of anywhere from 1 to 100s of Wi-Fi APs depending upon the location (Café, Hospitals, Malls, Airports, Colleges etc). The complete network comprises of Wi-Fi Access Points, PoE Access Switches, Core Switches, Routers. These networks can have one or more SSIDs and support multiple authentication mechanisms ranging from Captive Portal with SMS OTP, Social Login, FaceBook Express Wi-Fi (XWF) to Hotspot 2.0. Our solutions can support multiple operators on the same network. We can also support multiple backhaul solutions to ensure high availability and reliability with load balancing, failover, and similar mechanisms on the Routers.

Captive Portal Login