Managed Services

The Covid19 pandemic has ushered in a “New Normal” way of working for companies. Many companies prefer to stay lean and focus on their core capabilities rather than invest in non-core areas. One of the primary functions is that of the IT/Networking function in an organization. Instead of hiring full-time IT/Networking personnel to deploy and manage their networks, many companies are preferring to offload these activities in a Managed Service model to MSPs or Managed Service Providers. 

M2M offers such MSP services in the IT/Networking space to our customers. We leverage our deep domain knowledge and expertise to offer cutting edge solutions to customers and also operate and maintain these systems for an extended period. 

In this model, the customer outlines his business requirement and preference for vendor if any along with the budget. M2M puts together a comprehensive solution that includes design, deployment, operation and maintenance. Using Cloud-based controllers and monitoring systems, we are able  to ensure high reliability and availability for customer systems on a 24/7 basis. This typically works best for customers who have distributed offices/branches and need to apply the same network/IT policies and standards across all the sites.

For the customer, he has a choice to go with either 

  1. Capex + Opex model or
  2. Full Opex model

The selection of model depends upon the duration of the MSP contract – longer contracts can be of Opex type which shorter contracts of the hybrid type.

Hybrid MSP Model
Full MSP Model