Enterprise Wi-Fi Networks

Enterprise Networks differ from public wi-fi hotspots in two critical ways; i.e. Security and Reliability. Most organizations need a combination of wired as well as wireless network to cater for different types of end-points. Security plays a vital role in partner/equipment selection when the enterprises consider a network deployment. 

Our solutions for Enterprises have the latest Wi-Fi6 Access Points in the mix to ensure the network is future-proof on one end and has sufficient capacity on the other end. At the edge, we deploy a state-of -the-art Unified Threat Management (UTM)/NGFW solution to protect the entire network. The backbone of the network is typically 10G based copper/fiber based. PoE Switches are typically mGiG type (if Wi-Fi6 is considered) offering 2.5G per AP. The Enterprise APs have the latest security features including Policy enforcement, BYOD management, IDS/IPS support, Rogue AP management and so on. 

Depending upon the requirement, management is either cloud-based or deployed on-premise inside their data center/Server room.

Enterprise Wi-Fi