Service Provider

The Service Provider industry has seen a lot of consolidation in the last few years. The number of Telcos has reduced considerably. Most of this is due to intense competition and disruption in the market. Service providers looking to stay ahead of the curve are those who are investing in disruptive and innovative technologies and solutions.  

With the emergence of the PMWANI initiative, which aims to democratize the Wi-Fi Hotspot provider space by enabling anybody to offer Wi-Fi services in the form of a PDO (Public Data Office), many Service Providers also known as PDOA (PDO Aggregator) are being set up to take advantage of this scheme of the Government.

M2M helps service providers in this journey. We have developed the following solutions for offering to the Service Provider community: –

  1. Ultra Low-Cost Cloud controlled Wi-Fi Access Points – The challenge faced by the PDOs is that they are generally not skilled or trained in the nitty-gritties of operating and maintaining a Wi-Fi Hotspot but at  the same time are very price sensitive. We have thus developed a line of ultra-low cost PMWANI compliant Wi-Fi Access Points that can be readily deployed by the PDO with little to no training because all of the intelligence resides in the Cloud Controller.
  2. Cloud Based PDO Management Portal – This portal enables on-boarding of new PDOs by the Aggregator (PDOA), definition of commissions, creation and allocation of service plans and packages with their own tariffs, Self registration of subscribers through App or captive portal page, authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) services for enabling controlled access to subscribers at PDOs, Generation of Reports and so on.
  3. Managed Services – Once the Service Providers have rolled out their access networks and are onboarding subscribers on our platform, we also offer the services of managing this entire backend at a fixed subscription that is payable monthly, quarterly or annually.