The Government of India is building out the largest ICT infrastructure in its endeavour to bridge the digital divide. This is visible in projects such as Digital India, BharatNet, Wi-Fi Choupal etc. The primary basis for all these projects is creation of a high speed broadband network that enables access to Government Services as well as the Internet to common citizens. 

Most of this focus is on rural India as that segment is largely under-served though 70% of our population lives in Rural India.

M2M has developed expertise in helping bridge the Digital Divide – We have pioneered the work of creating a highly scalable Wi-Fi hotspot based access network at Gram Panchayats that extends the reach of the prestigious BharatNet “Fiber to the Village” project. Our solution for the Wi-Fi Choupal program solves two key challenges of deploying and operating telecom networks in Rural India: –

  1. Lack of availability of reliable grid power supply to run the equipment
  2. Lack of availability of trained technical manpower

We have done this by leveraging Solar power and Pre-Configured Mesh Wi-Fi Access Points. This solution has created one of the largest Wi-Fi Hotspot Networks in the world with over 150,000 Gram Panchayats connected with around 200,000 Solar Powered Wi-Fi Hotspots

Solar Powered Wi-Fi Hotspots